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Reading Style

Valentina's very special connection to angels gives her the power to clearly convey messages from those that are living, as well as those that have passed on. When connecting with a lost loved one, her mastery of spiritual, soul healing gives her the ability to wash away your pain, as well as offer encouragement and positive direction.

As a very devoted pet lover, she can also commune with animals that are living, as well as animal spirits. Her abilities as a medium, allow her to channel beautiful messages, as well as healing vibrations from the spirit world.

Her mastery of reading energies, allows her to convey the colors in your aura field, giving even further clarity to any specific person she is color scanning.

As a third generation psychic, her abilities have been passed down from a strong line of accurate clairvoyant psychics. Her grandmother taught her how to give very in depth past life readings, using an antique scrying bowl, which has been in the family for generations. Her mother mastered the art of Tarot, and taught Valentina how to see the cards in her mind, at a very young age, allowing her to give incredible readings without having to physically touch the deck of cards.

From the age of 8, her capacity to see and hear messages from spirits made her feel like an angel on earth, compassionately conveying wisdom from the other side to those in need.

Through God's grace, she continues what she feels is her calling; to mend hearts and lives through her advanced communication with the spirit world.

  • Name: L.A.

    Location: Newburgh, NY
    I have been a client of PSI for many years. The psychic that I speak to frequently is Valentina. She has gotten me through some difficult situations over the years. Not only is she a gifted psychic, but she is a kind and compassionate person who truly wants to help her clients. Additionally, the office staff are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. This is a quality line..
  • Name: T.Z.

    Location: Detroit, MI
    I have been calling PSI for years and I have to say my favorite person to talk to (besides the office ladies) is Valentina! She's so insightful! Each and every reading from her she has been spot on! She is truly one of the easiest people to talk to and I relish every moment I have had speaking to her!
  • Name: L.A.

    Location: Woodstock, NY
    I recently called Valentina for a reading. I was going back to work in a month and wanted her input. She said, "Well, first of all, you will look just beautiful. You have on a grey and black dress and black shoes." I said, "No, I bought an orange dress for the first day back." She said, "That's funny." And we continued with the reading. I always take notes on my readings. A month later, when I began work, it was a dreary day so instead of wearing the orange dress that I had planned, I chose a grey, blue and black blocked dress with black sandals. During that first week of work, I checked my notes only to find that Valentina knew more about my wardrobe choices than I did.