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Biography:  Scarlett is a highly intuitive psychic, astrologer, empath and expert tarot card reader with over 8 years of experience. She is able to read with or without questions. She seeks to provide profound revelations about issues that need insight. She works well with relationships, career, some timing of events and other areas of concern. Is very detailed in how you and others are really feeling regarding situations. Scarlett is very easy to talk to, has a bright happy energy and provides an enjoyable and rewarding reading experience. She has used her psychic abilities and tools to bring deep, profound revelations to people for years. She strives to provide guidance and advice regarding relationships, career, spiritual health and many other areas. She has gifts that she loves to share with others

Specialties: tarot/astrology/empathic abilities as the apply to relationships and career.

Reading Style:  light, detailed, uplifting.

Scarlett's Schedule

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