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Reading Style

Sage is a third generation witch & natural born psychic medium, empath, clairvoyant (Clear Vision), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairsentient (clear feeling), reiki & spiritual healer, and light worker. She has spent years fine tuning her psychic abilities and learning different types of divination, specializing in tarot reading. 30 years and 100's of tarot decks later she has perfected her style of reading and has trained herself to recognize and hone all of her natural gifts.

She loves to share her gifts with the public and help anyone looking for answers in life. She specializes in tarot but she also has a knack for cartomancy (fortune telling with playing cards) & she enjoys throwing charms! This is a system of divination she created, these special charms have meanings specific to what she assigned them. Sage loves using all of these combined with her own intuition to offer the most in-depth reading possible to her clients! Sage loves what she does and takes it seriously so you can put your trust in her!