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Reading Style
  •  Fast, energetic, gentle, direct and visual.
  • Approaches readings with a very down to Earth, straightforward communication style
  • Direct and seeks to provide you with the information in a straightforward, honest manner.

Penelope is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Psychic Medium, who uses direct communication with Spirit and Guides, and can use Cartomancy. She also uses channeling and tarot cards to provide you with information that you may want or need guidance about. She is a Pet Psychic. She works well in all areas and is able to pass on messages from the other side in order to advise you about relationships, work issues, pets, loved ones, lovers, how people feel, etc. She picks up on energy and works with or without questions. She relies on her Spirit Guides to provide you with the information you need in order to move forward and take control of your life. Her reading style is quick, detailed, accurate and interesting. She is direct in her reading style without being harsh.

Penelope indicates that she is a psychic medium who works to bring understanding and communication from Spirit to those who are looking to gain self-healing, insight, and understanding from their higher selves and passed loved ones. She is very interested in the development of spirituality and contrivance to enable her to tune in to Spirit and be more effective in the communication process.

Penelope has always been a Psychic Medium, She is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and is continually educating herself with course work, groups, and self-development to ensure she is in line with the way of Spirit. She is very serious about her craft and works to grow skills so that she can be of the most benefit and service to others. She has found in the opening of herself to the service of others is where she finds joy. Simply,she is here to help you in any way that Spirit allows and guides her.

Penelope can focus on Deceased Loved Ones, Family/Friends, Grief, Animal Communication, Supporting gifted children, Guided Past Life Regression.  She will not tell you how long someone has to live, or if you will hit the lottery, or what to do about a situation because you are in control. She is here to help you connect to passed loved ones, reach out to your Spirit guides, access your higher self and to give you messages and/or insight on situations you may want or need guidance about. During a reading, you may ask for her to pull cards, connect to a passed loved one, or for clarity on topics.

Other Notes:  * IMaster Teacher of Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki. * Beginners Psychic Mediumship Development Workshop *Intermediate Psychic Mediumship 7 week development workshop  *Past Life Regression *Herbalism; Plant Identification and use, First Aid Remedies, and Medicinal Kitchen Herbs/Spices *Beginners Forensic Mediumship *Advanced Psychic Mediumship *Advanced Past Life Regression

Psychic Penelope is currently taking Advanced Mediumship. Penelope looks forward to working toward complete certification as a medium and beginning her Shamanic Journey.