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Reading Style

I have read for people for the past four years and have been studying since I was very young. When I was younger I was taught to learn about every path I possibly could before deciding what to believe in. This gave me days to study and connect with all different kinds of paths, educating myself on all aspects of spirituality. I have been able to read energy ever since I was about seven years old, this is second nature for me. I can pick up on energy and energetic issues very easily, allowing me to find routes to work with that energy. I am well versed with Tarot, oracle cards, the use of pendulums, and even the runes. A big part of my readings is relying on my intuition, which helps me level and connect with you while also using my tools. My number one goal is to provide a safe environment where your reading is honest and accurate to the fullest extent.

  • Name:  Steve M.

    "My reading with Lagethra was truly transformative. Her psychic abilities are unparalleled, and she provided me with profound insights and guidance. Lagethra's empathic nature allowed her to connect with me on a deep level, providing a safe and supportive space for exploration. She is on the younger side but gives a mature reading. Her accuracy and wisdom exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend Lagethra to anyone seeking a life-changing psychic reading."