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Biography:  Juliette is a strictly clairvoyant, empathic medium who is able to provide lots of information and intuitive guidance without the use of tools. She is familiar with tarot and oracle cards and can use them if requested. She is sometimes able to channel information. She picks up information visually and is able to give you lots of details through descriptions of what she sees. As an empath, she is generally able to pick up on feelings. Juliette picks up on your situation and the people around you. She seems to be able to describe future evens that arise in the short term. She works with or without questions. Her energy is very calming and caring.

Juliette is able to see pictures (which may be symbols she can interpret) through clairvoyance, Then, she is able to recognize empathic feelings that go along with the pictures. Through these methods she puts together what is happening and can give practical insight and tools for life guidance in the moment. Juliette offers Spiritual Mediumship and Psychic Intuitive Awareness with compassion!

Juliette also is able to provide Aura cleansing, light journey work and psychic readings are also available and may occur during the session. Come visit to see what develops as you both work together to enrich your life!

Specialties:  Relationships, mediumship, feelings, channeling, future events.

Reading Style:  She is detailed, calming and caring.

Other Notes:  Seems to pick up on interesting information that Spirit Guides share. Be sure to take notes for future reference. 

SYMBOLS - Juliette Explains in her own words.

Symbols are used constantly in our everyday lives. For instance, seeing a yield sign on the side of the road makes us more cautious as we approach an intersection. Seeing a fin with a wave makes us aware to use precaution when swimming in the Ocean. Plus, we use emojis constantly to convey our feelings: smiley faces, sad faces and so on and so forth. Symbols are very practical short hand!

It’s the same with the person connecting with the Spirit World. Sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to have a symbol for reference so that an entire conversation mustn’t be had every time something comes up. Think of it this way – would it be a pleasant job for a police person to have to stand in traffic and approach every single vehicle on the road and say “yield ahead please, yield ahead”? It’s just so much quicker to have a short hand communication in the form of a sign or symbol!

In the Mystical Line of work, the subjects of money and relationships and career come frequently. So, it helps to have short-hand symbols to make the communication quicker.

For myself the symbols are as follows:

Money = A purse or wallet

Relationships = A bridge

Career = An elevator

When someone asks me for guidance in these areas, I just imagine the symbol then let the Spirit world use the symbol to inform the guidance.

For instance, in the case of money the purse or wallet may fill up, indicating abundance. If the purse or wallet looks empty, then I know there is lack right now.

For relationships, if the people are on the bridge together, it’s good. If they are walking towards each other that’s something. If they walk away from each other then the relationship is coming to an end.

That’s how they work for me. I would encourage you to develop your own symbols! It’s a quick and easy way to communicate!

Have Fun!


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