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Biography:  HollieAngel is clairvoyant, empathic, uses Runes if wanted and can use tarot cards. She is very sensitive and is able to read with or without questions. She works well with future events, relationships, business, short-term timing, career, and other spiritual matters. She is quite fast and provides lots of details. Her reading style is energetic, thorough, and kind. She has over 30 years of experience. She is a life-long psychic. HollieAngel will bring new Light, profound Knowledge, and applicable Solutions to your concerns through her Gifts of Spiritual Wisdom and Compassion....she is with us to Serve....inviting you to share in this Unique Experience...

"My childhood is filled with memories of my Grandmother giving Readings......I was always by her side....and when I was old enough to enter school she taught me how to read words......My world opened up and I became teachable to her ways..Wisdom...Intuition...and Spiritual one else seem to possess this flow of I grew older she grew weaker....I would assist at every Reading and comfort her so she could focus......our lives practically became as one.....until one day when I was in high school.....I came home to find her gone.....everything we had done was put away.....and I was sad for this loss......
She then appeared in my dreams encouraging me to continue to help those who suffer.....she said she would sit by me as I did her......and together we would continue our work.....
Today that is exactly what I am enjoyment is in knowing together Nana and I can make people smile as they become Empowered over their Lives....."

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, Empath, Tarot

Reading Style:  Energetic, thorough and kind.

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