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Reading Style
  • Detailed
  • Gentle
  • Direct
  • Works with or without questions

Freya is a Clairvoyant/Claircognizant/Tarot Reader. She uses her intuitive abilities, claircognizance and knowledge of tarot cards to delve into the issues that need insight. She works well with relationships, work issues, feelings, things that may need correction, and other practical applications that a psychic reading can provide. She works with you in a way that honors free will and provides you with knowledge about how to change an outcome. If you are aware of how you are affecting others and events, you may be able to remove the obstacles that stand in your way.

Freya creates a safe place for clients to delve into issues that need releasing. She is supportive and non-judgmental. She wants her clients to feel safe, supportive and heard. She has assisted many clients in releasing when they couldn't elsewhere. Spirit works through me to help you live a better life. Freya is also an intuitive Tarot Reader. As she reads tarot it opens up all her clairs her primary is claircoganizance. She has been working with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit sense 1983. She has paired that knowledge with the tarot which She has been using sense 1990. Are you ready to dig deep into your own psyche? Are you tired of repeating the same destructive patterns over and over? The way that Freya works with tarot digs deep and can bring up issues that need resolving so that you can live a better life. Tarot can predict a probable future. It can clue you into areas of your life that you may need to work on, so you can attain the goals that you want. We all have free will and have the ability to change an outcome if we are aware of how we are effecting events around us. Tarot is that map that can lead you in the right direction. It is quite adept at showing the obstacles that stand in your way.

Freya is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and has a certification in herbalism.

Are you ready to journey with Freya into the realm of Tarot to retrieve your rightful place as creator of your own destiny.