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Biography:  Fauna is clairvoyant/clairaudient. She has been a practicing psychic since she was a young child. She is able to work with relationships and other areas of concern. - especially feelings. She has very strong intuitive senses and empathic abilities. She can work with truth stones, pendulum, crystal ball, or animal spirit stones, if needed. She can provide a lot of detail in order to help you understand the path you are on and help direct you in the ways you might choose to walk. She has a special ability as an animal communicator/pet psychic. She also is able to convey messages from the spirit realm if someone from the spirit world wishes to contact you during a reading. Fauna is very easy to talk to and shares a lot of information in order to offer answers that you seek.

Fauna was born & raised in England. She has been a practicing psychic since a young child. She has always been able to communicate with animals, people from all walks of life, the sprits world, and the elementals. The basis for her path lies with the power of the great spirit, the guiding force for all living things, along with the ways of the ‘Cunning Folk’ which derive from her English heritage and roots. Her psychic abilities are empathic and initiative based.

These psychic abilities lead Fauna down many avenues. Among which is the fact that she is an animal communicator/pet psychic, She has very strong intuitive senses and empathic abilities, for the environment and all living things. If tools and objects are required for your reading she works with the truth stones, can use a pendulum, or the crystal ball, she also uses animal spirit stones, and can lead you on a guided meditation, but her biggest and greatest asset are my intuitive and empathic abilities… or simple put Fauna!

While reading for you she can share your joys and sorrows, and those for your animal friends. Fauna strives to help you to understand the path you are on and help direct you in the ways in which you might choose to walk. BUT it is not her right to decide your life path for you, which is YOUR RIGHT and YOURS ALONE, but she wants to help you by answering your questions and offering you the answers that you seek to make those choices.

Fauna also has clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Her personal philosophy is not to disrupt the spirits, they also have a path to follow on their personal journeys. However, should someone from the spirit realm wish to make contact with you during a reading, she will convey the message to you, and communicate on your behalf.

Fauna looks forward to assisting you on your journey while you seek your spiritual path.


Reading Style:  Her reading style is warm, compassionate, fun and detailed.

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