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Ella has taught several classes on dream interpretation. She has had this gift since 1982 because of a near death experience. She had psychic dreams before, but now sees visions as if a film were being played through her third eye. She indicates that she can contact those that have passed. She also practices Reiki. Ella is good with love interests, relationships, work issues, business, mediumship, communication issues, the past, present, or future and how people feel. Ella is a very compassionate, spiritual reader with a great sense of humor. She looks forward to speaking to you very soon.

Ella recognized her psychic gift and began nurturing her interest in the metaphysical after a near death experience in 1982. Her gift initially manifested in dreams. After learning to focus her sixth sense and enhanced intuition, Ella achieved the mental clarity necessary to activate her Third Eye. She also joined a spiritual organization and has remained a member for over 30 years. 

Dedication to her talent encouraged Ella to refine her skills. She excels in dream interpretation and teaches classes to help others understand dreams as well. Dream readers interpret dreams and nightmares in the context of the client's personal life. The process of dreaming lets the mind, body, and spirit merge and offers opportunities to understand the subconscious mind.

Many of us make subconscious observations that prompt certain emotions or anxiety. Dream interpretation helps the conscious mind retrieve relevant information from our subconscious to make sense of confusing feelings.

The concept of understanding dreams to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being goes back to ancient Greece. Centers established under the influence of the Greek deity Asclepios, who was also the deity representing healing and medicine, specialized in healing through dreams.

Visions appear as films playing through her third eye. Her finely tuned intuition evolved into prescience that offers hints of future events and insight into their repercussions. Clairvoyance complements Ella's visions and clarifies images from the past, present, and future.

Clients gain insight into their own lives and may discover unexpected factors influencing their lives in positive or negative ways. Ella may see images representing a present situation and potential resolutions or sense emotions, energies, and vibrations associated with a current situation or conflict. Strong emotions, such as love, fear, or jealousy, radiate energies of their own and may exert unnoticed pressures on thoughts and decisions.

Ella's compassionate nature prompted her to learn Reiki, the practice of healing by manipulating energy fields around the body.  She uses all of her psychic gifts to help others. A great sense of humor and genuine concern for others lets Ella help her clients get in touch with and understand their true emotions and feelings. This understanding is the first step on a path to identifying real desires and achieving peace and happiness.

Clients who have lost loved ones may gain some comfort from a reading with Ella. She is a clairvoyant medium and empathizes with grief and loss. Her sensitive nature facilitates contact with those who have passed on. Clairvoyant talent sometimes lets mediums receive stronger and more illuminating messages from the spiritual realm. 

Ella also offers Tarot card readings and spiritual guidance. The cards help people access inner wisdom and understand the important aspects of a situation. Although Tarot readings can not predict the future, they can offer insight into current, past, and future events in relation to potential choices and circumstances. Ella has helped clients with many important aspects of their lives, including love interests and other relationships, and work or business issues. Clients can also learn to improve communication and become more emphatic. 

  • Name: A.A.

    "Ella started off asking permission to look into my past, present and future.  She asked me for my birth year and then the birth date of anyone that I also might want to ask questions for. She then asked me to make a wish for something and repeat it over and over in my head. 

    Ella was interesting.  She took some bigger swings than the others.  She made more predictions or asked me more specific questions..IE is there a male, like a son with brown hair near you? Your are working with an attorney or CPA?  Ella would also start trains of thought but then not entirely finish what she was saying.  It felt like she was feeling me out a little bit.  
    She stayed away from legal but did ask me if I was working with an attorney or CPA,  we aren't.  The most recent attorney we have been working with was a few months ago for my MIL's will that she was updating.   She also said that my MIL is not feeling well, that my MIL feels like her days are numbered & she's waiting to die and not feeling well but that I will able to cheer her up.  She went back there a few times that she saw her not feeling good.  I thought she was going somewhere else, but she did say that she works through it and that we are in the will.  She also said that  a girl friend of mine will call me with her problems.  That she has "health issues behind her, in the back area" and that she "will need physical therapy to get through it". 

    So while she didn't ask me for anything on the side, I think she came kinda close on the medical stuff.  It wasn't like she was working hard to avoid it.  I didn't ask anything specific around that to get her there either.  I just left it pretty open and she took us there.  

    Another very interesting reading.  I love how different they all are!"

  • Name: Private

    "I love Ella.  She has been my go to psychic for a long time. Two exceptionally good readings come to mind. I had lost a pair of diamond earrings and was totally freaked out. Ella assured me that they would turn up in a couple of days. I told her I hoped so because I could never replace such beautiful big diamond earrings. Sure enough, a couple of days later they turned up in a drawer where I had put them for safety. The other reading was that I would hear from an old boyfriend in a few days. I dismissed the idea. Well, a couple of days later through the magic of group texting, I heard from an old boyfriend. Go figure. Ella has been a very good resource for me to use as a psychic."

  • Name: K.S.

    "I had a relationship reading with Ella, and I can't even express how grateful I am for her guidance. She has an incredible gift for understanding the intricacies of relationships. Ella's insights into my love life were spot-on, and her advice was practical and empowering. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my partner, and I feel more equipped to navigate the ups and downs of relationships. If you're seeking clarity and guidance in matters of the heart, Ella is the psychic to turn to. Her compassionate and intuitive approach will leave you feeling inspired and ready to create the loving and fulfilling relationship you desire."