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Being an oracle is about finding the message meant only for you and conveying it in a way that you can use. We are here to guide you through the rain and help you see the way through it into the sunlight.

It often feels a great deal like diving underwater to retrieve something marked with your signature.

As a certified tarot and rune reader, I use an array of traditional divination methods to get you the clearest message. I use handmade runes, found bones, and a variety of tarot and oracle cards that I feel most connected to. I spent several years studying both traditional and upcoming divination with some of the most kind-hearted masters of the field and I consider it an honor to be able to use all that I've learned to help people.

While my birth heritage spans along the Balkan region, and I frequently use practices my ancestors once used, I was raised by a family of Southern ghost hunters and my fearlessness I definitely got from them. My mother taught me never to let the spirit world make me feel unwelcome and encouraged me to use my talents to navigate both the seen and unseen. I had no idea as a young girl how overwhelming it would feel after a near death experience made everything show up so much clearer and louder, and I credit her with being able to channel this ability and refine it into a tool for helping others find the guidance and wisdom meant for them.

Whether you need an answer to a specific question or just a beacon to point you in the right direction, I can find the message that belongs to you.