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Reading Style
  • Comforting
  • Caring
  • Informative

Angelica is a psychic/clairvoyant/medium that can also use tarot cards. She also picks up on pets.

Angelica works well with relationships and is good at pinpointing how someone really feels. She also works well with business, career, things to watch out for and is able to pick up people that have passed over. She is quite descriptive and detailed. She has over 20 years of experience. Angelica is a psychic medium who has been seeing and communicating with spirit since childhood, and her psychic abilities and psychic predictions have greatly evolved over the years. She is able to answer your questions regarding past, present and future. Questions range from relationships, career, health, children, family, anything going on in your life. One of Angelica’s many abilities is to absorb the energy from her clients in order to communicate with loved ones who have passed away, even departed pets. Her readings are very specific and she often sees objects or people from your past which she describes in great detail. She finds this is a message from the departed or a validation that they are with you. When you talk with her you will feel a soothing energy and warmth. Many of her clients have described her as very nurturing. This is one of the main reasons she receives fulfillment from her readings – she is often told how much she has helped her clients. Angelica gives peace of mind, knowing our loved ones are still connected to us in some way and that the soul continues. Her hope is that the observations and her psychic predictions will make peace and happiness the greatest part of your life.