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Reading Style
  • Highest Good Timeline
  • Intuitive and Empathic

Amelia, an empathic medium, has dedicated her life to finely tuning her intuitive gifts. With over 17 years of tarot practice, her readings are not only comprehensive but also deeply transformative. Specializing in guiding individuals towards new chapters while shedding old timelines, Amelia is a sage facilitator of growth. Her positive outlook and unyielding passion empower others on their journeys. Amelia draws daily inspiration from her connection with The Divine, embracing her calling to serve.

Gifts & Services:

With her remarkable abilities—Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Clairalience—Amelia offers a wide array of services. These include Shadow Work, Messages, Memories, Mediumship, Relationship Insights, Family Dynamics, Career Guidance, Timelines Exploration, General Life Direction, and Answers to Your Questions. She can also assist in locating lost items.

Channeled Readings:

Amelia offers Channeled Readings that delve deep into various aspects of your existence:

  • Mirror / Self Awareness
  • Highest Good Timeline
  • Person (living or not)
  • Pet (living or not)
  • Inner Teenager
  • Inner Child
  • Shadow


Amelia's dedication to healing the collective and her strong connection with The Divine make her a compassionate and insightful guide on your journey.

  • Name:  K.U.

    "Amelia's reading was an eye-opening experience! Her empathic abilities and deep connection with The Divine truly shine through. Not only did she provide accurate insights, but her transformative guidance helped me shift into a new and positive direction. Her wisdom, positivity, and dedication to her craft make her an exceptional psychic. I'm grateful for her guidance on my journey."

  • Name:  Jenni P.

    "Amelia's mediumship brought immense comfort and closure to my life. Through her connection with the spirit world, she conveyed messages from my loved ones that I had been yearning to hear. Her accuracy and compassion were truly remarkable. Amelia's gift has not only provided solace but also a profound sense of connection with those who have passed. I'm grateful for her remarkable ability and the healing it has brought to my heart."