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Amber has immersed herself in the realm of psychic and spiritual practice since 2013. Her connection to the divine is channeled through the art of Tarot card reading, where she interprets messages guided by intuition and insights from the spiritual realm. Amber's journey with Tarot commenced after her encounter with Addam, a psychic reader she met at a fair, who confirmed her innate psychic abilities. Hailing from a rich ancestral lineage of gifted individuals, including seekers, knowers, psychics, and spiritual advisors, Amber draws on this heritage in her practice. Her readings cover a spectrum of themes, including general interests, love, relationships, law of attraction, spirituality, career, past life, and life purpose. Amber is committed to using decks that reflect the diversity of the human experience, embracing differences in race, religion, spirituality, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, and more. For Amber, connecting with others through the cards is not just a skill but a calling. Her favorite Tarot card, the High Priestess, embodies the depth of her spiritual connection.

  • Name:  NA

    "I recently had a transformative experience with Psychic Amber, and I couldn't be more grateful for the insights she provided. Amber's connection to the spiritual realm is truly remarkable. During the reading, she skillfully interpreted messages from the Tarot cards with divinely-guided intuition. What sets Amber apart is not only her accuracy but also her dedication to inclusivity. She incorporates decks that beautifully represent the diversity of the human condition, making the reading even more meaningful. Amber's depth of wisdom and her commitment to connecting with others through her gift are evident. I highly recommend a session with Psychic Amber for anyone seeking profound guidance and a compassionate perspective on life's journey."