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Biography:  Alana is clairvoyant and can use tarot cards/astrology, if needed. Alana has over 10 years of experience She gets strong psychic impressions from tarot cards and is able to pick up on people around you. She is good with relationships, business, timing, how people feel and things to watch out for. She is also able to tune into your energy and help you apply your efforts into the right area.

Alana is a psychic empath. She has been conducting readings for over 20 years and had many satisfied clients.

Her visions started when she was a young child, often having premonitions which came true. As she matured, she learned how to use her abilities to help others through difficult times. She reads tarot and uses astrology to assist in her readings.

She focuses her attention on core issues in order to guide every client in the most positive direction. She is honest, caring, and compassionate. Her predictions are accurate and to the point.

Using her empathic gifts, she offers quality readings. These range from relationship readings to spiritual healing. She is also available for guided meditations and past life readings upon request.

Specialties:  Relationships, how people feel, hidden agendas.

Reading Style:  Direct, kind, matter of fact, detailed (including timing). She may ask for month/day only birthday for connection.

Other Notes:  Very easy to talk to. Seems to be very detailed.

Alana's Schedule

6:00pm - 10:00pm
6:00pm - 10:00pm
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