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What type of reader do you need?

18 Jan

What type of reader do you need?
As a service, we specialize in clairvoyant psychic readers. Our readers may have other specialties and abilities - like psychic mediumship, Tarot cards, spirit guides, empathic and/or clairaudience. A psychic medium, like Theresa Caputo reads energy and psychic symbols.
They must be clairvoyant because clairvoyant readers pick up visually on pieces from your past, present or future. They describe what they are feeling and seeing. Clairvoyant readers are excellent for phone readings.
You choose your reader with the help of one of our psychic matchmakers. In the office, we have been testing readers and booking readings for over 20 years. We know our readers well. We also love to help you find a reader who will be able to help you with your situation.
Relationship, love, soul mates, business, general, forecasting - we love to help!
Personal, private, professional readings by phone.
Our clients call us back because we offer a very valuable service.
18+ entertainment