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We are so excited about Long Island Medium's new season on TLC!

We love everything Theresa Caputo does - most of our office staff has been to her Live Theresa Caputo Experience. We have purchased all of her books - and, have Good Grief, her newest book that is coming out in the middle of March pre-ordered from Amazon. We watch every show and as many TV appearances as possible. Her new season of Long Island Medium starts tomorrow, Sunday, February 19th, 2017 on TLC. We encourage our clients and friends to watch. In the most basic sense, when we describe our psychic line to people who don't know about our business, we say, "More Theresa Caputo, less Miss Cleo". Not that there is anything wrong with psychics who read like Miss Cleo, it's just not the type of readings and readers who we promote.

We are in NO way shape or form affiliated with Theresa Caputo, TLC, Long Island Medium or Discovery Communications. 

However, we love the way she honestly and openly represents psychic readers. For over the past 20 years, we have been trying to show the general public that psychic readers can give insight and help. When we test readers, we specifically look for accuracy and a wonderful, caring personality. The psychic industry is not always portrayed in a positive light - and, we work hard to show that there are honest companies and caring, accurate psychic readers. 

We believe, as a company, that intuition can be used to help. Theresa Caputo is a wonderful psychic medium. She helps people who are in a vulnerable time - when they are grieving. She helps people have a connection with crossed energy. We believe that having a psychic medium read for a crossed loved one can help with healing and processing grief. 

We have a few psychic medium readers who work with us. Our main focus is providing clairvoyant psychic readings - Some of our readers use some Tarot Cards and some of our readers use other tools. 

Be sure to watch her show! We are always learning more and more about psychics. We view being intuitive and being psychic and booking psychic readings is a spiritual journey and there is always more to learn.