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Ways to use your intuition

07 May

There are many ways to use your intuition. The most basic way is to learn how to use your "gut feeling" as a life guidance tool. It is easy to not listen and/or listen to others before listening to your own intuition. But - then one ends up on someone else's plan for life by not listening to what is best for yourself.
Being comfortable with using your intuition means that you are being confident with yourself. Knowing the direction you want head, and following your instinct in getting to your goal and how to best achieve your goal.

Your intuition can keep you safe. If you find yourself feeling uneasy around a person or uneasy at an event or party - USE that energy to get yourself to a place where you feel secure.
You can use intuition to guide you towards friends and lovers who you feel comfortable around. One of the most uneasy things about dating is that you are constantly using your intuition to determine if the person you are interested in is safe, likeable, honest and trustworthy enough to be your soulmate.

In order to develop intuition, it is important to take time to yourself. When you take alone time, you can determine what sort of energy you create and whether a person, place or event is wanted and or liked in sharing your space.

Constantly observing other people, different situations and different energies will make you better at using your intuition. When you start to read energies, you will realize that some people have clean energy, some have light energy, some have exhausting energy - some are even known as psychic energy vampires!

Knowing yourself and taking time to understand and develop your intuition will help you in all aspects of your life career, relationships and family situations. (Family situations can actually use the most intuitive skill - because when you are very close to a situation and people, it can cloud your intuition.)