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The Psychic Line tests all readers before they join Paramount Solutions, Inc. 

Over the years some test readings stand out:  For example, when one reader was being considered for the line, the tester had an older Class A gas motor home for sale.  The question was posed, “I have a vehicle for sale.  How is that going work out?”  Please note that mention was not made as to type of vehicle.  

This reader did not miss a beat.  The advisor indicated that a friend of a friend would make an offer in the next couple of weeks, but not to trust it.  Sure enough, a co-worker had an interested friend.  The friend made an offer, but could not come up with the funds.

The reading continued.   The reader said that the vehicle would be sold in the next six weeks to a young male in his mid twenties with blond hair.  This seemed odd.  Not many young men purchase motor homes.  Sure enough, a young man in his mid twenties with blond hair ended up buying the motor home.  He was going to work in the oil fields in Oklahoma to be a pipe fitter and needed portable housing.  This was a cool reading that combined clairvoyant abilities, tarot cards, and intuition!

Another example is that three separate readers indicated to a tester that they would be inheriting some money by the end of the summer.  Seemed silly.  However, an elderly relative passed away shortly after the reading.  When the executor of the estate cleaned out a storage unit, he found forgotten stocks and bond certificates.  Everyone inherited a nice chunk of change.  Surprise.

In regard to relationships - A reader indicated that there would be a disagreement with the tester’s spouse.  They advised that the response should be to just be kind, and wait it out.  This seemed odd, because peace usually prevails in that household.  Sure enough, the spouse was a real grouch for a few days.  Forewarned is forearmed.

While the details of these readings are fun to share, remember most things are not necessarily written in stone.  Free will is the wildcard!  This wildcard is especially frustrating when it comes to relationships where clients are dealing with other people’s feeling and/or actions.  Insight is a wonderful gift when working through this type of situation!

The Original Solutions Psychics at The Psychic Line known for quality are proud to have some of the best psychics readers available to provide telephone readings.  A consultation with one of our readers may be very helpful in working through issues regarding love, relationships, business, career, family, mediumship, channeling, and other questions regarding the ups and downs of life.  Our clients call back for a reason.

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