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Psychic Love Guidance

Psychic Love Guidance Needed
You may need psychic love guidance when some of the following problems or situations show up in your relationship.  Should you continue with this person?  Our tested psychics can offer love guidance and relationship advice.

Solar Eclipse Drama

The Great American Solar Eclipse takes place on August 21, 2017.  This Solar Eclipse is only visible in the United States and is very exciting news to Astronomers and everyone that wants to watch.  The last time this type of eclipse occurred in the United States was in 1918.  A Solar Eclipse might just shake things up in your life and surprise you with some Solar Eclipse Drama!

What does this type of Solar Eclipse mean to me?

An Empath's Insight

If you are an Empath, you are probably a wonderful, compassionate person.  You probably absorb and experience other people's feeling as if they are your own.  Empaths are usually very special.  People are probably drawn to your kind energy.  Understanding, protecting yourself, and using your empathic abilities in a positive manner may take you on a wonderful journey. Identifying some pitfalls may be very helpful in your quest for a greater understanding of your gift.  

Star, a reader who was with us a long time ago, has returned!

We get excited when readers come back - and, we are REALLY excited to have Star return. She was extremely popular when she read with us in the past. She is known to be accurate, straightforward and friendly.

Star is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic medium who can use Tarot cards. She has over 20 years of experience. She is excellent in predicting love, relationship and business issues. She can read with it without questions. 

We have specials available for new and returning clients. She will book out fast - we are always first come, first served. 

Soul Mate Identification

Soul mates may come in many types, shapes and sizes.  Your soul connections may include people that you owe something to in a Karmic sense.  These connections usually only last until some sort of Karmic debt is resolved.  This process may be very quick or take a little bit longer - depending on what needs to be resolved.  You could find your Twin Flame soul mate.  This intense connection reflects your other half and may be very challenging:  Have you ever won an argument with yourself?  Other connections include simply romantic, familial, friends, etc.

Valentine's Day Spirit

Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people at varying stages of their life.  When you are a child, Valentine's Day may be an exciting day because you get to give and receive cards from your friends.  As you mature, the day may take on a different meaning.  It may provide an opportunity to express love or receive an affirmation of love.  This may be romantic or just friendly.  If you have loved ones that like to participate, this might be another day to share and celebrate your love. 

Where is my soulmate? Who is my soulmate?

Towards the end of January and through the middle of February, our focus will be on soul mates.  There will be a string of Facebook posts to help you determine if you have found your soul mate and how to know if that person is for you. Here is a small taste of the types of things we  recommend in looking for a soul mate.

Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Happy Holidays and Merry Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury retrograde starts December 19, 2016 in Capricorn and backs up into Sagittarius by January 8, 2017.

This retrograde could make the holiday season much more interesting.  Travel delays, miscommunication, misunderstandings, equipment breakdowns, scheduling problems, relationship drama because of communication issues, lost items (track your gifts), and generally being out of sync might just make this holiday season a little more challenging that usual.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams may provide you with insight and be a treasure trove of hidden information about your life.  Dream interpretation and the exploration of the meaning of symbols, feelings, or other aspects of your dreams might offer you an understanding of important issues in your life.

Precognition - Halloween Series

Halloween is generally a great time of year to explore metaphysics.  Precognition is usually referred to as future sight.  This psychic ability is thought to enable a person to know something is going to happen in advance.  Some people experience precognition in dreams.  Others may experience a voice or just a thought that lets them know when something may happen in the future.