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Renee's notes from Facebook Live on Secret Loves - Someone is secretly in love with you

Welcome to this edition of FB live and hello to our youtube friends. I am Renee - one of the booking agents for psychic readings at Paramount Solutions, inc.

Our office is located in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the US. We look for clairvoyant psychic readers - tarot card - psychic mediums. If you’re a reader, please apply! We are always looking for amazing and accurate psychics. We treat our clients and readers fairly. We love what we do. 

You can call for a reading 1-800-966-2294 We have new client specials available.

Twin Flames - Love Secrets

A Twin Flame relationship is different from a Soul Mate.  A Twin Flame is your other half - a mirror image.  Relationships with twin flames are often off and on again and again.  They are usually very passionate and may be quite painful.  A Twin Flame generally shows us who we really are and may cause all kinds of drama while you try to find your higher self.  A Twin Flame will probably help you expose love secrets that you did not even know existed.  This exposure and how you deal with the situation may be very interesting.  Everyone has heard the phrase - no pain, no gain.

Can a psychic help me? What type of psychic should I choose?

How can a psychic help me? What types of questions are good for a psychic?

We look for many different types of readers to help our clients.

Clairvoyant readers help picking up visually on bits and pieces visually and describing.

Tarot card readers are accurate. We have excellent Tarot card readers who can help in all areas. Tarot cards can be a little more concrete with timing of events.

Psychic mediums pick up on energy in the here and now. They help with how other people are feeling NOW. Some can channel energy in symbol form of energies crossed over.

Notes from Renee's Facebook Live 3-29-17

Mercury Retrograde pre shadow phase has started 
We will go into Mercury retrograde on april 9
You can review last week’s video blog about ways to prepare for MR on our blog at blog

I noticed another topic that I wanted to discuss that has been very popular in the past. 

Developing your intuition.

We have quite a few videos on this topic and there will certainly be more
Intuition is not to be feared. 

Pre-Mercury Retrograde planning

Set yourself up for success! Mercury will go Retrograde pre-shadow phase on March 26, 2017. Mercury Retrograde station on April 9. May 3rd is direct. (Mercury Retrograde proper is April 9 through May 3). Post-shadow through May 21. 

So many dates to remember - we know!
There are many things you can do now to prepare. 

We believe Mercury Retrograde can be a time of creativity, practicing patience, taking your time and solving problems. 

Here are things you can do now - 

Star, a reader who was with us a long time ago, has returned!

We get excited when readers come back - and, we are REALLY excited to have Star return. She was extremely popular when she read with us in the past. She is known to be accurate, straightforward and friendly.

Star is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic medium who can use Tarot cards. She has over 20 years of experience. She is excellent in predicting love, relationship and business issues. She can read with it without questions. 

We have specials available for new and returning clients. She will book out fast - we are always first come, first served.