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Should I get multiple readings on the same subject? Does having more readings get better predictions?

Should I get multiple psychic readings in a short period of time? Notes from Renee's Facebook Live
Notes on multiple readings in one day or in one week - This is a little strange topic for me to cover and for us to approach because we are a business. There are very few businesses - especially in the psychic industry - who will tell you to wait or to go ahead with a reading. 

Clearing energy with a white candle

Using a white candle to bring positive energy - You can use candles for a variety of reasons and different colors can have different meanings. When psychics and spiritual people use white candles, it is for bringing positive energy and purity. White candles have neutral energy and offer universal protection and energy clearing. It is normal to see a readers always having white candles burning in their home and personal space. 

If you decide to do a ritual with the white candle, as you light the candle, say a prayer dedicating the candle to positive energy. 

Notes from Renee's Facebook Live - How to get a reading

I want a psychic reading! Where do I go for a psychic reading? How can I get a psychic reading? 

Renee's notes from her Facebook Live More on Energy Clearing

Welcome to our Facebook Live! I’m Renee from PSI
We look forward to helping you. We have readers available who love to help with relationships, business and life issues. 
More on energy cleansing and a little about raising your vibration for spring. 
Many of the ways to cleanse energy that we focused on in our last Facebook Live were on inside the home. When thinking about it further, I wanted to go a little deeper into cleansing your own energy. 
Because it’s spring, its an excellent time to cleanse your energy. 

Psychic Booking Agents

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. strives to provide our clients with quality readings. We have you call the office in order to book your reading.    Why?  Because we think a personal service deserves personal attention.