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Clairvoyant Readers

A clairvoyant psychic reader is a reader who picks up visually of bits and pieces of the client's life and describes the images to the client.  When a clairvoyant does a psychic reading they often pick up on a client's energy by listening to the client's voice.  The images a clairvoyant reader picks up could be from the client's past, present or future time frame.  It is very important for a client getting a reading by a clairvoyant to talk natural and not steer the reading.  Sometimes a client is looking for a particular answer and will keep asking a specific question.



How is your summer going to pan out?  A quick check of your astrological sign may reveal some interesting, general trends.  A focused tarot card and/or clairvoyant reading should be able to further connect the dots for you.

Aries – Should be an interesting summer despite the Mercury Retrograde that ends July 20, 2013.  This summer may provide you with a new interest or a renewal in your current love life.  August 27th and beyond should be strawberries and cream for lucky Aries.  Enjoy your pursuit of love.

Our psychic line is different - and that is a very good thing.

We are a very small psychic line that is family owned and operated located in Orlando, Florida.  We offer quality psychic readings by phone and seek out the best psychics.  Our goal is to be the source for all things psychic.  We have slowly grown over the years because we believe in maintaining quality readings and excellent customer service is the best way to operate.  Our business is honest.  We like our clients to know what they are paying up front.  We also strive for our clients to receive the BEST psychic readings.  

Should I see a psychic?

Whether or not to see a professional psychic reader is a personal choice.  However, there are times when consulting a psychic is almost necessary.  We recommend seeing a psychic for love and relationship issues, work and office problems, dealing with difficult family members, finding lost objects and communicating with crossed over spirits.  Different types of psychics will be able to help with different types of situations.  When we test readers, we make sure they can help with relationships.  After that, we want to make sure they can offer insight in other areas as well.

A word about tested psychic readers

As a company we strive to provide the best psychic service in the entire industry.  We are smaller than other lines.  This allows us to really spend time developing and testing psychic readers to help our clients.  When a reader applies to become a psychic on our line, we set up test readings and a personal interview with them by phone.  The reader must demonstrate they can do readings.  What that means is that we want readers - at the very least - to be able to predict, focus on relationships (love and family) and work in white light.


The Psychic Line tests all readers before they join Paramount Solutions, Inc. 

Over the years some test readings stand out:  For example, when one reader was being considered for the line, the tester had an older Class A gas motor home for sale.  The question was posed, “I have a vehicle for sale.  How is that going work out?”  Please note that mention was not made as to type of vehicle.  

Will a psychic tell me my future?

Psychics whether they are clairvoyant, clairaudient, use tarot cards, are psychic mediums or spirit guides generally tend to tell the past, present or future of a situation.  It is very interesting to see what a psychic reader will describe during a reading.  Many readers pick up on symbols that have different meanings and actually develop meanings for different symbols over many years of doing readings for people.  Different types of psychic readers focus on different time frames.  Tarot card readers can use a specific spread to help determine the outcome of a situation.

Why are there so many different types of tarot card decks?

There are numerous types of tarot card decks for a psychic to use during psychic readings.  However, all of the tarot card decks have the same basic layout of cards.  Depending on the type of tarot card deck, there may be different names for The Major Arcanas, but they usually do follow the same type of format.  The Major Arcanas are Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords.  From one deck to another, there may be different artwork and/or slight differences of meaning for the particular card.  A psychic reader's cards are very valuable to their readings.

Past Life Regression

I was recently watching an episode on Long Island Medium on TLC.  Theresa Caputo was having a past life regression reading.  It was fascinating!  I wanted to go over what past life regression is an how it is used by psychic readers.  

Psychic Elizabeth's Book - Have you read it yet?

We get many questions on how to develop psychic abilities, identifying psychic abilities, meditations and how to deal with the fear of being psychic. We recommend our reader, Elizabeth's book. Elizabeth has been reading with us for over 20 years. She is accurate, caring, spiritual and loving. We recommend everyone try to get a reading with her when she is available.