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The Suit of Pentacles of the Tarot Card Deck

The Suit of Pentacles of the Tarot Card Deck

Our readers use a number of methods to provide you with an accurate reading, including tarot cards. A tarot card deck is an ancient tool used by psychics to foresee the future and advise patrons regarding their life decisions. Additionally, tarot decks have major arcana and minor arcana.

The Minor Arcana

The minor arcana include the suits of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. Like the other minor arcana, the suit of pentacles has eleven cards from the ace to the number ten, with the ace representing the lowest numeric value. Each of these suits also has the following court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Suit of Pentacles

Each suit represents aspects of your life. The suit of pentacles, or coins, deals with the physical, material world. Some readers interpret the suit only in terms of money and wealth. However, our intuitive psychics understand the subtleties of each card in relationship to where it falls in the layout. In fact, this suit deals with all forms of prosperity and success such as career, health, body and family matters.

Pentacles also tie into winter and the element of earth, representative of determination, stability and practicality. If a Pentacles card appears in your reading, it heralds something that requires more attention in your material world. Positive interpretations include success in business or receiving a financial windfall. Negative interpretations may warn of obstacles to your success or physical health. 

Emotional Connotations

When it comes to the emotional symbolism of the suit of Pentacles, readers typically associate the cards with security, safety and abundance. Pentacles cards universally represent prosperity in your emotional life as well as your financial status. Even those with few financial assets can find enrichment in joyful moments, the beauty of friendship and life-changing moments. 

A knowledgeable reader can interpret when the Pentacles tarot cards refer to gifts that you possess. Turning up Pentacles can mean that you need to invest more labor, time or money to gain the rewards you seek.

Intellectual and Artistic Implications

Pentacles also reveal changes in your artistic, intellectual or entrepreneurial "property." This includes the will and determination to realize your goals. If you are willing to work harder than those around you and stay focused, Pentacles advise, you are likely to achieve your goals. The suit of Pentacles demonstrates your personal values and can indicate a need for change in matters of love, family and other relationships. The successful achievement of paying your bills and creating the means for your family to flourish indicates a mastery of the Pentacles.

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