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Wow!  Seven planets in Pisces March 9-11th.  When three or more planets occupy a particular sign, this is called a stellium.  This stellium is unusual because there are seven planets in Pisces.

There is the potential for a huge cauldron of emotion.  This combines with the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.  Not only should you watch out for the usual adventures a Mercury Retrograde may bring, you should be aware that things may really come to a boil.  Stir that cauldron, and watch it bubble.  March 5-11 should be a great time to work things through and finalize plans.

March 9-11 is interesting.  Pisces generally is strong in the area of utopian ideals, dreams, primal values, love, belief and hope.  This should be a great time to figure out and realize your higher truth.  Perhaps you will learn what steps are needed to help reach your real goals.  One needs to be aware that this alignment has another side.  Conversely, there may be an end to something or a disappointment.

If you can take a breath, analyze and wait, you may be able to find insight into issues that have haunted you.  This may be a good time to figure out your spiritual purpose in life. We do have astrologers available at know for quality.  In addition to astrology the majority of our readers are clairvoyant or clairvoyant with tarot cards.

We test the readers before they join the line.  We are based on repeat clientele.

What is your true purpose in life?  Will your relationship succeed?  How will your project turn out?  Will my love life improve?  Should I give my old lover a second chance?  One of the tested psychic readers at The Original Solution Psychics may be able to assist you in finding answers.

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