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Renee's notes from Youtube. Mercury Retrograde is over. Why is the energy still strange?

04 Sep

Mercury went direct on August 19. This signals the end of Mercury being in retrograde. However, there are some people who are still feeling the effects of the Mercury retrograde. These effects felt during a Mercury retrograde can be with communication, electronic issues, travel issues and general unexplained chaos. Why would there still be issues after Mercury goes direct?

Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times per year. It is when the planet Mercury looks like it is moving backwards from our point of view on Earth. It is not actually moving backwards, it is an illusion of the planet moving backwards.

Depending on your astrological chart, the Mercury retrograde probably affected you differently than some of your friends. Some people will feel the effects of any retrograde more than others because of their birth chart. If your sign was hit hard, you will feel the effects for a bit after Mercury direct.

Some of the issues that came up during the retrograde are still affecting your life. Specifically if your entered into a contract or if there is a repair happening that started during the Mercury Retrograde.

If you are still resolving issues from the Mercury retrograde, those issues are still affecting your energy.

Things should clear when the issue that came up during the retrograde is completely finished. If the issue isn’t resolved, it will still affect your energy. Using the car issue as an example, you may get your car back and still have issues with it. Until you truly have the issue fixed, it will affect you. This is why you have to be extra diligent about anything being fixed during a Mercury retrograde. Unless the issues are completely resolved, you can actually end up dealing with that chaos for a long time or until those issues are resolved.

There could be other planetary influences making things a little strange. This summer, there have been multiple planets in retrograde. They each affect us a little different depending on our charts.

Mercury July 26- August 19
Mars June 26 - August 27
Jupiter, March 8 - July 10
Saturn April 17 - September 6
Uranus August 7 - January 6, 2019
Neptune June 18 - Nov 24
Pluto April 22 - Sept 30

The moon - a full moon or new moon can also play into how we are feeling.