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How do you test a psychic reader?

We take testing the psychic readers very seriously.  We use our intuition to test psychics along with having the readers do test readings with us before putting them on our psychic line.  When a psychic reader applies to be a phone reader we ask them a few questions before showing interest in doing a test reading.  Does the psychic reader have experience in the industry?  How long has the reader been doing psychic readings?  How does the reader pick up on people?  What tools (Tarot cards, clairvoyance, mediumship, angels) are used to pick up on clients?  

After the initial questions, we always have a feel of the person on the other end of the line.  If they are knowledgeable and friendly, they usually get to the next step in our testing process.  At this point, the reader's application is handed to the group who does the test readings.  Once the group choses a psychic, we decide to put them on the psychic line.  Generally speaking, we only hire a couple out of every hundred psychics who apply because we are specific on what we look for with our psychics.   Our booking agents and psychic testers have been doing psychic bookings and testings for over 20 years.  At this point we know what will and what will not work for our clients.  

The areas our clients want help also help us make decisions.  Our clients are looking for relationship insight, business advice, finding lost objects, spiritual advice and psychic mediums who connect with those who have crossed over.