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Halloween Date Night Ideas

20 Sep

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We love it just as much as the children do. Even though you may have outgrown trick or treating, there are lots of other fun things you can do with your significant other!

1. Stay home and pass out candy to the neighborhood children. Enjoy some snacks and wine while doing so. A shared experience should make a fun memory.
2. Get into the spirit of things by decorating your home inside and out. You can come up with a lot of wonderful ideas, if you put your heads together.
3. Go shopping and purchase cool costumes together. You can help each other get out of them later.
4. Find a theater that is showing scary movies or set up a scary movie fest at home to binge watch that evening. Cuddling together while terrified sounds great.
5. Make a Halloween Dinner that features scary food. Serve Bloody Mary’s for your drink of choice. Find recipes that are tailored for Halloween Dinner and make them together.
6. Call The Psychic Line for your Halloween Mediumship Psychic Reading. It is said that psychic powers are enhanced on Halloween. This should be a great time to get a reading. It is believed that the veil between the planes thins out that evening making it easier to communicate with spirits.
7. A tarot card reading might also be a great idea. You can seek out someone trustworthy locally or privately call The Psychic Line for shared partnership reading. This may provide a great opportunity for the two of you to learn more about each other and elevate your relationship to a new level as you explore the future with information that the cards should provide.
8. Go to a Halloween Party together. Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with friends is almost always a good time. Wear the cool costumes you came up with together and make a memory.
9. Find something fun to do that you can continue doing for years. Making your own traditions could be a solid way to cement your relationship and bring you even closer together. For example, you may choose celebrating with a special bottle of wine every Halloween as you pass out candy together.
10. Go to a “Haunted House.”. Grabbing onto each other when being scared might be a rewarding and fun shared experience.

You can make Halloween a special celebration for you and your lover by participating, expressing yourselves, and celebrating your bond while you share All Hallow’s Eve.