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Fling or Forever?

Have you met someone new?  Are the signs of love abundant?  When someone is into you they watch you.  When your eyes meet, there is that little sparkle of recognition.  Could this be the start of something good?  Are you going on real dates with a really well-groomed partner?  Do you receive lots of texts or phone calls?  Are your communications returned quickly?  Is your partner fun and good humored?  Is your partner interested in what you say?  Does he/she want to hear about your friends and family?  Does his/her touch linger warmly on your skin?  Is it hard to say good-bye?  Does your partner make sure that they are on time?  Are promises met?

It is beautiful when all these things come together.  Are you having a fling?  Or, is something happening that may last forever?  If you take promising first signs a little further, you may find out if you have met "the one."  Is your partner inspired to work harder toward a better job?  Are you included in future plans?  Does your opinion on important issues matter?  Is he/she concerned when you are down in the dumps or physically not up to snuff?  Have you talked about everything under the sun?  Do you have a comfortable physical connection?  Is love-making mutually satisfying, or a one-way street?  Is your love interest secure enough to be honest with you?  Are you honest with him/her?  If someone has a failure, can you both be accepting and move forward?  Do you have a protector and defender? 

A fling may be exciting and great fun.  But a forever love needs to meet a different standard.  Only time will tell.  Whether you are in a new relationship, are in a long-term relationship, or are married and want to improve your relationship - answering the above-mentioned questions may help you to move forward in a positive manner with your love relationship. 

If things are not going well, perhaps you should investigate.  Is is you?  Is it your partner?  What is going on? Is it a fling?  Is the relationship stalled.  Should it end?  Is it forever?  Does your relationship just need a tune up?

A reading with a clairvoyant or clairvoyant/tarot card reader may provide you with insight to any issues that come up in your love life.  Clarification may be the key and help you avoid the common miscommunications that may occur.  Our tested relationship psychics are here to help.  Knowledge is power.

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