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Choose a psychic reader very carefully - Be aware of psychic fraud

Choose a psychic reader very carefully - Be aware of psychic fraud

If you are approached by a "reader" who says they can - 
- Change free will.
- Heal your body or soul. 
- Change the events in your life or someone else's life. 
- Make a lover come back. 
- Make a lover fall in love.
 -Make a lover lust for you. 
- Erase old memories. 
- Make love potions.
- Reuniting lost lovers.
- Soulmate spells.

You are dealing with a fraudulent "reader". This sort of "reader" gives our industry a bad name. This sort of reader will take your money when you are vulnerable - and give nothing in return - because the practice they are using is fraudulent.
We strongly advise you break contact with the "reader". They will seem like they are legitimate. They will be convincing.

There are abusive people in the psychic industry. We want people to know that just because a person says they are a reader doesn't make them a reader. Also - if a reader is saying they can make things happen in your life, they are lying. YOU have your own free will. No one can control your free will except YOU.

Sometimes the "reader" can seem legitimate. They will toot their own horn to make you believe them. They may have a Facebook page or website or psychic shop that seems legitimate. They will take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. This is a fraudulent practice in our industry. We strongly stand against these sorts of practices. We are a small, family-owned, psychic service. We test the readers before we let them read for us. We specifically look for readers who are friendly, ethical and helpful. We are a non-predatory psychic service. Our clients are in control of when and if they get a psychic reading.
We do our best to educate our clients on the psychic industry. We haven't been in business this long -nor have we become trusted - because of dishonest practices.

If you have questions- please don't hesitate to call us for information. We love to help.