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Celebrities Who Like Psychics

Celebrities Who Like Psychics

We get asked about celebrities who like psychic readings quite a bit. We do have a few celebrities who call us. Getting a phone reading is a good way to get insight without exposing yourself to the world. Phone psychic readings can happen anywhere - this makes them a popular option for celebrities who need insight. Celebrity psychics are in high demand. We specifically look for the best psychic readers for our clients. We never reveal who are clients are or if they have had readings with us. We NEVER reveal any information about our clients - not even our famous clients.

There have been many celebrities who have consulted psychics for numerous reasons. Numerous reasons include the same things regular people call us about - relationships, love, business, family and life questions. We find most people do want psychic readings. Psychic readings are a fun way to focus on yourself and your life. Talking to a psychic can help give peace of mind.

Many celebrities have been spokespeople for phone psychic services. Latoya Jackson, was the Jackson who used to promote psychic phone services in the 90s. Recently, Tori Spelling promoted a psychic service. Psychic services on the phone are a preferred way to get readings as celebrities - unless the psychic goes directly to the celebrity’s home for a consultation. Phone readings can happen anywhere making readings easy access to all sorts of clients.

We see popular shows like the Real Housewives franchise regularly feature celebrity psychics. Many popular tv shows are about psychics (like Theresa Caputo in Long Island Medium and Jennie Marie in Mama Medium - both on TLC). Tyler Henry is also well known as a celebrity psychic with his own show Hollywood Medium on the E! Channel.

If you would like your own psychic reading, call us! We love to help. Our service is NOT connected or endorsed by any of the celebrities listed above. We are not affiliated with TLC or Bravo! In any way. We love seeing psychic readings on tv because it raises awareness of psychics and how they can help.