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Autumn Equinox 2016

Happy Autumn Equinox!  We survived Mercury Retrograde and the sun is entering Libra.  Libra is the sign of balance.  Since day and night are now balanced with day and night being equal, the sign of balance is truly energized.  This is a time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work over the summer and enjoy reaping what you sowed.

Nights will slowly become longer and provide us with a signal to take care of and save our resources.  This is usually a good time to reflect spiritually.  Preparation may be necessary to face the darkness before the dawn - symbolically an ending and rebirth.  The Autumn Equinox seems to be a great time to take a hard look at your life in order to figure out what is useful and what needs to go in order to maximize your life.  As day passes into night and night gives way to a new dawn, your opportunities for reflection should provide you with the ability to control and follow your destiny down a very good path.

This time of year is generally good for analyzing the rewards from the seeds you have sown.  If things are going well, great.  If not, reorganize.  Spending time reflecting on the experiences of the summer should provide you with the means to move forward in a successful and happy manner.  This is usually a good time to reach out socially and share your experiences.  Also, take the time to recharge your spiritual energies in order to make it through the darker days until Spring and rebirth occurs.  

Early fall is usually a great time for harmonizing with loved ones and tending to social activities at work.  Also, it may be beneficial to reconnect with old friends.  Enjoy bonfires and pot-luck dinner parties with family, co-workers, and friends in order to enjoy the bounty that summer provides.  As you move deeper into fall, it is usually a good time to pay extra attention to our significant others.  Enjoy sharing emotional and physical intimacy with your lover.  Decompression from frantic summer activities should be a spiritual and physical wonder.  As we approach winter, we should focus on the momentum we gained spiritually.  This should enable us to enjoy the holidays .

This wonderful journey happens every year and usually provides us with opportunities for sowing, planting, growth, harvest, reflection, relaxation, celebration and deep rest only to be repeated as we take our life's journey and travel the road of our destiny.

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