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4 Ways to Recognize a Psychic Vampire

4 Ways to Recognize a Psychic Vampire

Psychic vampires are regular people who are energy takers. They may or may not know they are energy takers. It is important for sensitive people to be able to recognize a psychic vampire in order to protect their energy.  

A psychic vampire is an exhausting person. They are usually self centered. They look for sensitive individuals who are very empathic and kind. A psychic vampire feeds off empathic energy and personal attention. The more sympathy they get, the more energy they have and the better they feel. 

A psychic vampire always has a problem or issue that needs to be solved. When the problem or issue is solved, they still focus on that problem - they can’t move on. They rehash and talk about the issue over and over to whomever will listen. They feed off anyone who gives them attention about it. 

A psychic vampire does not respect personal space. They are close talkers and make you feel creeped out by how close they are to you. They don’t seem to notice or completely ignore the fact that they are invading space. The person whose space is being invaded will give several subtitle clues - taking a step back, not leaning into their conversation - even putting their hand up in a stop motion. The psychic vampire either completely ignores their non- verbals or refuses to take their actions into consideration.

A psychic vampire has a long list of people they are super close with as friends or lovers but the relationships only last 4-6 weeks. At the 4-6 week point, the psychic vampire moves on to find new exciting energy. The close friend may have also noticed the psychic vampire’s close energy and may have cut ties. Newness and freshness of a relationship excites a psychic vampire because it’s when the other person gives them the most attention.
A psychic vampire is manipulative and will play on a person’s empathy. If you are a sensitive person, a psychic vampire will seek you out. They like people who are kind who don’t have boundaries. 

One of the strange things about a psychic vampire is they usually do not know they are a psychic vampire. They don’t mean to be an energy taker. Only with extreme self reflection can a psychic vampire change their ways - even then, it’s such a part of their being they can’t really change.