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4 tips for getting through the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde affects everyone when it happens.  This year Mercury goes retrograde it goes retrograde 4 times. This article has been updated for 2022.    Here are some tips on making it through the Mercury Retrograde.

1.  Know that Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to sign contracts or take a job offer.  Mercury has a direct effect on communication.  If you decide to sign a contract or take a job offer, make sure ALL of your bases are covered. Take a day to think about the situation and assess all points of the contract before signing.  If it is a job offer use a little time to think about if you like all aspects of the job before proceeding.  

2.  Know that because communication is off, there will be mishaps with applications, paperwork, assignments and deadlines.  Be patient.  It is not entirely the person or company's fault that things get twisted during Retrograde.  Paperwork may get shuffled, lost or delayed.  

3.  Talk to your partner.  Your partner or the person who you have a relationship with may misunderstand you or may be less patient.  Because of our different astrological charts, the retrograde may affect each partner differently.  Someone may forget to call or text, or lines get crossed and make it impossible to communicate.  

4.  Have a sense of humor.  Be willing to admit that you cannot control everything.  Everyone is a little thrown off by the Mercury Retrograde.  Just laugh it off and know that it will all be over in a couple of weeks.