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4 Steps to becoming psychic

Here are four steps to honing in on your psychic ability!

1.  Relax your mind.  Most people find it easiest to listen to their psychic energy when they are almost asleep.  It is a point of meditating where the mind is conscious, but very relaxed.  The thoughts that come to mind come from an unconscious zone of the mind.  

2.  Once you are in the relaxed state of mind.  Train yourself to listen to and remember your thoughts.  Many people like to keep a journal of thoughts directly next to their bed so they can write the thoughts down as soon as they get up.  This is a great way to remind yourself to be more conscious of your unconscious mind.  

3.  When you get to this state more and more and your arrive to it at a more conscious state, test your ability to slow your mind during the day.  When your mind and body are not relaxed it is definitely a challenge to let go of the happenings of the day to arrive into a psychic meditation.  

4.  As you get better and better at finding your relaxed state, ask a specific question.  Write down the question and see what or if you determine an answer.  If the answer proves to be correct, you are well on your way to being psychic for yourself and other people around you!.