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Meet Our Newest Tested Psychic Reader - Jane

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Welcome to Jane! She started with our company this week. We loved her when we tested her. When she started this week, she had several clients call back to rave about her and book more time.

Jane is clairv oyant and a Tarot expert. She is very empathic. She has always had the gift and she has been reading for the past 20 years. She is kind, detailed, understanding and enlightening. She can pick up on other people in your life and people coming into your life. She is excellent with relationship issues, family issues and business. She can work with or without questions. If you have a specific question, she should be able to provide extremely valuable insight. She is very good at seeing other people's motivations. 

Jane is very sweet and accurate. We currently have an extra 5 minutes free on a purchase with Jane that runs through Friday, September 13, 2019. Call the office for details. Certain restrications apply.